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What Are Your Questions for Jill?

 One of the Most Influential Women in Business that You’ve Probably Never Heard of …

Hey Ladies! I am so excited to introduce you to Jill Salzman, one of the leading women entrepreneurs in U.S., though you may not have heard of her. Jill became famous when she gave her TED Talk, “Why Moms Make the Best Entrepreneurs,” and she went on to found one of the largest and most successful entrepreneurial groups for women in 12 countries around the world.

You and I are blessed because a generous founding member of U.WE  wanted the women of Boise to have the opportunity to meet and work with this very sought-after speaker. This U.WE founder was so inspired by Jill’s story, she arranged for Jill to fly from Chicago and be the keynote speaker for U.WE’s annual conference coming up in just a couple of weeks.

A big part of Jill Salzman’s amazing success is no doubt due to her very down-to-earth and no-nonsense approach to helping the women she works with achieve the success they desire and deserve.

Join Jill and the rest of the U.WE Community at the beautiful Chateau des Fleur for the 2nd Annual Success Conference.  Enjoy an afternoon with Jill Salzman, our keynote speaker, breakout sessions, lunch, and a social hour after the event.  Meet Jill Salzman and attend U.WE’s 2nd Annual Conference in Boise, ID. Just $65  Save My Seat!


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Women Entrepreneurs are Creating a Revolution!

It’s an uncomfortable truth, but women entrepreneurs have been vastly under-represented in the economic and business world in general. When asked to think of an entrepreneur, names like Musk, Gates, Jobs, Dell and Zuckerberg easily come to mind. But most of us can only easily conjure the name of one female entrepreneur – Oprah.  Let’s face it, entrepreneurship has typically been dominated by men. According to Steve Blakeman of Inc. Magazine, there is “a huge gender disparity” in terms of start ups and entrepreneurship in the United States.

But as you may have noticed, there is a movement sweeping across the United States – and indeed the world. Women everywhere are joining one another and finding their collective voice, making media headlines almost daily. Along with this movement of female empowerment, there has  also been a growing shift  in U.S. business trends. The number of women-owned businesses in the United States has more than doubled in the last twenty years, and Inc. Magazine recognizes female entrepreneurs as “The Next Wave of Business Success.”

Inc. Magazine reported that women start businesses at 1.5 times the average rate in the U.S. Most importantly, they found that women entrepreneurs rank their happiness at nearly 3 times that of women who are not entrepreneurs or do not own their own businesses!

But what are the obstacles for women entrepreneurs? What still stands in the way of women’s success? Researchers have found that lack of support and lack of mentors are the primary obstacles for female entrepreneurs. This was exactly my experience over a decade ago when I started my first company, and why I founded United Women Entrepreneurs. If lack of support and mentors is the difference between success and failure, then we’ve got you covered! U.WE is  now almost 800 members strong! We provide support, mentorship, and trusted resources women entrepreneurs need to overcome their biggest challenges. All we need is you!

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