What Is Your Super Power?

Here’s A Confession:

When I began my entrepreneurial journey, I had no idea what I was doing. To be perfectly honest, wasn’t even sure what I wanted to do. But here is what I did know: I was a terrible employee (because I could not get happy about spending my time and effort to make someone else’s mortgage on their second home). And I had a deep, deep bent for thinking outside the box, pushing the edge of the envelope, so to speak.

Over the years, I had to “try on” different business ideas and business models, before I was able to get really clear about what was the “perfect fit.” Kind of like getting ready for a special day or occasion, and needing the perfect outfit – the one that feels just right, shows off your best features, and looks amazing. But that process for me was a bit messy, and at times my life was like my bedroom floor, littered with clothing that I tried on then discarded in the fray of getting ready to go out and be seen – the tops or skirts that seemed cute or fit fine when I acquired them, but in the moment of truth were just not the right thing.

I floundered around a bit before I figured out what was the perfect fit – what I really, really wanted to do with my short time here on the planet. What I learned, and what the most successful entrepreneurs know, is this gem: It’s absolutely essential that you are clear on what your overarching goals are and what’s most important to you. Sometimes this is referred to as your “Why,” or your mission statement. But whatever you call it, know this: You must have a clear picture of what drives you, because that deep conviction is ultimately what will make or break your business.

As a woman entrepreneur, I know that there are a gajillion other things and people pushing and pulling you – competing for your time and attention – and if you are not perfectly clear and connected to your Big Picture, your business will just dawdle along, and never be fully realized. Eventually your business will most likely fizzle. But when you have a clear purpose for your business, you can use that vision as a filter to sift all your existing tasks and activities through.

When you are clear about your Why/Big Picture/Mission and you are consciously aligned with this every day, you will find yourself in the “Zone.” You know what I mean – when you look up and realize you’ve been so totally absorbed in this activity that hours have gone by, and you didn’t even realize it. Nothing could distract you, because you were so fully attending to what you were doing that it was almost like being in a different place. That is where the magic happens, and that is where you are most effective in your business.

The trick, of course, is to marry these two: Your Business + Your Why = Happiness and Success. When I confessed to you that I didn’t know what I was doing when I started out as an entrepreneur, what I really should have told you is this: I didn’t trust myself enough to connect to passion, which is my Super Power!

My passion for writing, for creating connections and community, and for allowing my gift with horses to be a part of all that – it didn’t seem realistic somehow. So instead, I tried to do what I saw other successful people doing – following their path instead of my own. I had some success, but it was never really the right fit. I did not discover real success until I just went for it. I let myself succumb to who I really was. Thank goodness!

So what compromises have you made to try to fit into a certain mold or model of success? When you think back to yourself as a little girl, what did you do in your free time? What activities did you get “lost” in? What did you daydream about doing or becoming? What subjects did you like in school? If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do with your time and resources?

Exploring these questions will help you connect to your own, unique gifts, abilities and passion. And this connection is your Super Power! I promise, when you are clear on what motivates, moves, and inspires you, and you are connected to that inner wisdom every day, your own unique Super Power will be activated. Then look out world! There is nothing more powerful than a woman who believes in her own unique gifts and abilities and is channeling them fearlessly through her life and her work!

To Your Awesome, Super Self