I am Grateful for YOU

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just want to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for being a part of our tribe of women uniting to launch businesses that make a difference in the world.

Wow, what a journey it’s been – have you felt it? If you’ve experienced the nervous excitement, the deep-down urge to bust a move, sometimes the discomfort, sometimes the elation of moving into your next business expression, you are not alone!

Growing into a successful entrepreneur takes great courage, and great effort. For some of us it’s one of the biggest transformations we’ll ever go through in our life. When you birth your business, it is exciting and scary and sometimes daunting. It is a process that we all experience, but sometimes it is difficult to trust the process…

There are new skills we are having to master all at once. We’re growing into our entrepreneurial selves… skills of coaching, healing, teaching or mentoring… along with technical, financial, marketing and business skills.

And, we’re learning to manage our schedules and our time.

Oh, and all of this is happening in a very dynamic social and political environment. (Yikes!)

The point is, you are doing something really big and really important. And no one should ever have to do something like that alone. We need each other.

You and I are on the cusp of a social and economic trend that is about to change everything. Between 2007 and 2016, the number of women-owned
firms increased by 45%, compared to just a 9% increase
among all businesses. Over the past nine years,
the number of women-owned firms has grown at a rate
fully five times faster than the national average. This means we are in the midst of not only a business revolution, but also a cultural revolution.

Millions of people stay at jobs every year because they perceive a sense of the structure and safety in their job, a container they hope they can count on to hold their life. But now there is a large and growing community of women who understand that jobs exist  because some entrepreneur had an idea…

If you have made the decision or are in the process of making that transition into starting or owning your own business … then Congratulations! You’ve come to the right place. And there’s never been a better time to be a woman entrepreneur!

And again, Thank You. 

Thank you for all your contributions at our powerful Monday Mastermind meetings. Thank you for your courage, your vulnerability, and your brilliance. You help one another navigate the sometimes complicated road of entrepreneurship.

Thank you for your commitment. Your commitment to your own entrepreneurial dream and your commitment to one another. This was so profoundly evident at our First Annual U+WE=Success event this past July.

Thank you for your grit and determination. Often we find that the entrepreneurial road is not lined with cheerleaders and well-wishers. Sometimes it is downright lonely, and those we love the most fear we have lost our minds. It takes a certain kind of woman to stay the course, even when others can’t see the dream we’re about to realize.

Thank you, most of all, for helping me realize the most important take-away so far that I’ve discovered on this entrepreneurial journey. The One Thing that I’ve observed that makes the difference between reaching the destination, and getting pulled off course…

Staying Connected to Each Other 

Consistently staying connected with other women who are going for it alongside you is the One Thing I’ve observed that can make the difference between achieving the dream and giving up.

The women in our entrepreneurial membership become anchors for each other. When we are tired or confused and can’t see the forest for the trees, the women who are beside us on this journey can see see the path when we can’t. They help guide us toward our own light. They encourage and brainstorm during Mastermind meetings, attend each other’s  events,  collaborate with each other and become important sources for referrals.

There are feelings that we all have to feel on our own, but knowing you have others who are REALLY with you on this journey can be the difference between making it happen or not.

Loving you on this Thanksgiving Holiday.

Thanks for your courage and for all that you’ve said YES to.


  • Hi Shawn
    I wanted to thank you for recognizing that we are all players in today’s societal part of history for the betterment of women. I find that to be very encouraging as I have had the advantage to witness the disappointing years before this paramount change.

    With your writing skills, I hope you are an author.
    Karen Jean Lowe