Money Matters

To all my Sister Entrepreneurs:

Have ever privately wondered, as I have, if you have some gene or other born-this-way quality that seems to make money want to keep its distance from you? I assure you, you are not alone. And – fortunately! – if you’re convinced you were born to struggle financially, then you are dead wrong.

Here is the good news I want to share with you: It is not dumb luck or genes that ultimately separates us from our wealth. Turns out, it’s all in our heads. To be specific, it is in the tucked away little sub-conscious folds of our gray matter where early memories and beliefs were embedded early on and still dictate how we respond to the world, and to the subject of money and wealth.

Here is the even better news: Changing these sub-conscious beliefs and patterns is quite doable! The reason I know this? I could be the poster child for hidden negative money thoughts! This is an area where I have had to dig deep, in order to get out of my own way and heal my relationship with money.

I first dipped my toes in the water of dealing with my money weirdness after reading Jen Sincero’s book, You’re A Badass. What an eye-opener that was, and I love how Jen just puts it all out there. She has terrific insight and doesn’t pull any punches, and she’s funny as hell to boot.

Later on I had the privilege to meet Rebekah Lawes . Rebekah joined United Women Entrepreneurs and is a professional coach who knows how to help women make the shift that can make all the difference in our bottom line through her program, called Money Mirrors.

Here is the icing on the cake: Changing your relationship with money isn’t rocket science. It is mostly about really committing yourself to honest self-awareness about your belief systems – you know, the ones that were formed when you were just a little kid and absorbed whatever messages were intentionally or unintentionally given to you! And then your commitment to becoming intentional about changing the beliefs that aren’t accurate and don’t serve you well anyway.

It’s all about self-love, Sister.

Here’s to all of us who want to be good and do good, but sometimes get in our own way because of limiting sub-conscious beliefs. Look out, world! We’re kicking that habit and ready to claim all the good stuff the life has in store for us, including wealth and prosperity!

XOXO – Shawn

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